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Mangler Squigs

Warrior Monk in the custom area.
Look out!

Yes, yes, you all can get over the shock right this instant.
Thank you.

Now, I own the 1993 & 2006 Orc & Goblin Army Books.
No Mangler Squigs found within.
I take it these are new as of the 2011 book, yes?

The figures are cool.
Not too many things bouncing along while eating a goblin!

Cave Squigs are interesting opponents while on adventure.
I thought Mangler cave squigs would be even more fun.

The real question here has anyone else thought so too and done something about it?
As in has someone made up some stats to add these to the monster list?

Manglers were not available or maybe even thought about in the 1993 army list so they did not make it into the RolePlay book.
I would like to add them to mine.

Thank you for any help in this matter.

In service of Deity, the Latter-day Prophet, the de la Valette and mankind.
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Re: Mangler Squigs

Well the main issue is determining what sort of level encounter you want them at if you want to actually well...encounter them. No use making them level 10 and never seeing them.

The level 1 encounter table is the only one with any squig-type encounters. The level 4 encounter table and onwards up to 10 have duplicate entries which could well be replaced if needed. That said FW do produce a Collossal Cave Squig which might be a good level 10 encounter.

Once you have a level you'd need to detemine the right amount of monster to encounter (taking into account the fact that a set of mangler squigs cost £36 for a single model set [which you can nonetheless split into two sets as most people do]).

Once that's done you can then determine what the relevant stats would be to create either a mild, challenging or deadly encounter for the warriors.

If you have an encounter level and maximum number per encounter in mind, it should be fairly easy to generate stats and some hilarious special rules given their fluff.
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Re: Mangler Squigs

In Warhammer, Mangler Squigs are really tough - probably the equivalent of a level 4-6 beastie in Quest. Their rules work exactly the same way as Fanatics, but bigger and deadlier, if that's any help!

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