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Death of a warrior in a campaign


I am just starting a campaign and although early days I was wondering what would happen if one of the warriors died at a higher level. Back at a settlement the remaining warriors would grieve, but would also be looking for a replacement for the next quest.

If, for example, the warriors had reached level 3 or higher, would a new level 1 warrior need to be rolled as a replacement, thus putting the group at a disadvantage, or are there rules/charts allowing them to hire a new companion of their level?

Maybe the new companion could be hired by paying 'x' amount of gold multiplied by the Battle level. the character would then be rolled with the wounds for that level, but have no additional equipment due to the fact that he'd had to sell it while looking for employment.

If there are rules for this event maybe someone could point me in the right direction and if not, could they help from their own experience.

As previously mentioned it is early days at the moment, but best to expect the unexpected!

Thanks for your help
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Re: Death of a warrior in a campaign

as far as I know, but am willing to be corrected, there are not rules for this.

I've had this happen a few times, we added a level one warrior to an existing group and then simply carried on as usual.

if it makes it more "balanced" you can always draw a warrior counter for every monster encounter and make the level table used that warriors level.

or make them all an average: so if 3 level 4 warriors and one level 1 that is 13/4 about level 2 and make all encounters that level.

they will level up faster than the rest because a level 1 warrior needs 2000 gold to advance but a level 4 needs like 12000(?).

plus it is in the best interest for all of the warriors to get that warrior up as fast as possible anyway.

IF you make a level 4 warrior from scratch they won't have the usual treasure and money investment that an "organic" level 4 warrior would have.
(not just equipment and treasure but also events like steam bath, pedlar and similar giving extra permanent Wounds and lucky charms etc.)

most of my posts may run into essay length. I find that for a lot of queries/feedback context is important and that is why this happens more often than not.

have a great day :D
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Re: Death of a warrior in a campaign

This is one of the reasons why I have an adventuring group rather than just a single fixed party.
If you lose someone, it is not a HUGE deal because there are others to go adventuring with.

This is why I do not have fixed parties as well.

I run 15 official characters:
1 Barbarian
1 Wizard
2 Dwarves
2 Slayers
1 Ranger Mage
1 Ranger Knight
1 Witch Hunter
1 Warrior Priest
1 Imperial Noble
1 Bretonnian Knight
1 Pit Fighter
2 Chaos Warriors
There were three of these, but Selig died covering the Barbarian and the other Chaos Warriors' withdrawal.

Additionally, I run five semi-official (CJ/DB) characters:
1 Ex-Blood Bowl Player (EBBP)
1 Bounty Hunter
1 Halfling
1 Kislevite Wolf Shaman
1 Kislevite Raven Shaman

Now, because of this rotating who is going on the adventure, all of the official characters and the EBBP as Level 7 Heroes.
I generally play the least common denominator style.
In other words, the four characters with the lowest gold are the four that get the call for the next adventure.

The other four semi-official characters were started years later and are only Level 4 Champions.
I will admit that they have not yet adventured with the rest of the group because they would be deadweights around the necks of the more advanced characters.
I am waiting until they are at least Level 5 Heroes before mixing them in with every one else.
Granted, if one of them happened to die, then the other three would be mixed in early at this point of development.

I do not lose characters typically because I use principles I have learned professionally in my game playing.
Because of this sort of tactical game playing, I have only lost one character where I could not revive/resurrect him.

And I will admit, I have had a decent bit of luck; always play like it is all in the tactics but never deny the good chance that occurs or the lucky roll.
This way makes for a much better WhQ player.

I have found some players find this point of view hard to swallow or even prideful.
One player here has even accused me of cheating and making the game easier for my characters because I do not just randomly roll up adventures or use the main monster charts and the fact he just did not understand my playing style.
But I have found that playing using the professional principles I have been trained in has worked quite well for me and works accurately inside the Warhammer Universe milieu.

That is simply my professional background speaking through my gaming.
Hope this all helps you Fanglemane.

In service of Deity, the Latter-day Prophet, the de la Valette and mankind.
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