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Re: session one of my new group!

just before that encounter an event had regenerated all of the parties Luck as it happens, which is partially why this happened.

I often find Luck is saved for things that never happen.

anyway: we made it to the city and paid to level up, although 2 of us used Luck to find the training grounds!

city happened, nothing significant to report.

next dungeon: first board section is a room...power phase is a 1!
3 minotaur champions and a hero.
skills: iron hard skin (+2 or 3 armour) hero also has bloodgreed which means if a warrior is dropped to zero and then healed he will only attack that warrior for the rest of the combat.
if forced to attack someone else deals +2D6 damage!
weapons +7 damage, items amulet +4T and hero has a ring of +1 to hit rolls!

the whole party are rubbish this round, one champion dies and the hero is wounded.

the champion dishes some damage, the hero deals a lot of damage.

power phase = 1

event happens, extra objective room added to board.
dark secret pursuit kicks off: 2 rolls on our level table:
a giant. good news is one player has a bounty on giants so gets double if they kill it they get 4000 gold!
bad news is it is a giant.
beastmen shamans, 2, 6 champions and a lord.

their racials are: all deal +D6 damage, lord has extra mutations and toughness.
mutation: breathes fire 3 unlike a dragon or similar this only happens in the monsters phase though.
they all have weapons that give +1WS and re-roll missed attacks.
Lord also has the arcane armour, cloak -1 enemies to hit him, amulet +4T.
the shamans have mirror image familiars: essentially when you kill them they reappear elsewhere on the board determined as per usual monster placement rules, it was their familiar all along and not them!

we had to stop there as it was late, at that point I also realised I had not generated an Event card for the room either so I intend to do that in the next power phase to make up for it.

the models filled the room with no spaces, nobody has yet spilled over into the extra Objective room which is nice so that is entirely optional.
but if a 1 is rolled, or the already mentioned Event card I forgot before reveals lots of monsters, we will be forced to sort that out too....

first room!

most of my posts may run into essay length. I find that for a lot of queries/feedback context is important and that is why this happens more often than not.

have a great day :D
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