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Adventure Terrain

As I have said before, I do not use the tiles as much any more.
I like the variety provided by Paizo Map Packs and Flip Maps, Heroic Map's maps that run from tile pieces like GW's to large map matts, and Skeleton Key's map tiles.
I do still use the GW tiles for a group with a Lvl1/2 adventurer or a specific objective that needs the tiles, but that is about it.
I like having the adventurers at long odds surrounded by overwhelming numbers; that cannot be done on the tiles really.

Sure there are lots of custom tiles by enthusiastic fans, but too many of them do not fit the physical structure of the original WhQ tiles so why stay with those?
They are, at times, very difficult to use because they can be quite odd in their structure.
Even I do not have the overwhelming number of tiles to cut up to fit the odd structures some of these fan-designed tile sets have.

Anyway, the main purpose for this thread is this question: How many of you think an adventure with just rooms, no corridors of any sort, is: 1) too hard or 2) too easy & why?
I had a group I ran recently, not as a D/GM, just a referee; they claimed I was trying to kill them off with just rooms for the adventure terrain and having two event cards being triggered by objective rooms that were not THE objective room.

Moreover, I always have the Shaman's Den involved with a spell flinger present plus an Event card and the special rules for the room from LotOL active.

I also always try to have as many rooms as possible be multi-level rooms.
I like the challenge this situation provide.

So am I meanie or a pushover terrain-wise?

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Re: Adventure Terrain

all rooms will be harder simply because an event card will always happen whereas corridors don't have them.
(you could use corridors but still make an event happen though!!)

other than that a lot depends on the level of the party, what shows up and other things.

rooms are actually better for players against ranged enemies: in the normal WHQ room you can place the warriors in positions so that all enemies are engaged in hand to hand so no shots can be fired (against some enemies this is a good idea: blunderbusses especially)
spell casters will be in combat regardless unless there are enough monsters to cause them to over flow out of the room.

in corridors one problem groups I have played in have had is that only 2 warriors can fight, they end up fighting tough enemies and then archers show up behind them and nobody can get to them for example.

that being said I have played in a few "death trap dungeons" wherein all cards are in the dungeon and you only win by exploring all cards and we got through fine. we were quite high level (6 or more) but still did it.

a few times by chance we've had room only dungeons as well and survived.

if I was going to make something like this I would consider throwing the T junctions in too, the retracing of steps can be fun/annoying, possibly with the rule that if someone enters the T junction a second time (meaning they went the wrong way normally) then an event occurs: they still get rest but not as much this way.

I think it depends on how they are healing too: a wizard and a back up similar "endless resources" kind of character is much easier to survive such things compared to an elf and a warrior priest for example.

most of my posts may run into essay length. I find that for a lot of queries/feedback context is important and that is why this happens more often than not.

have a great day :D
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