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In Warhammer Fantasy Battle
(do not know about Age of Sigmar - not wasting my limited funds in that direction - would not even if I had unlimited funds!)
spiders can just climb around/through/over/whatever terrain that would be impassable or difficult for anything else.
In my immediate reading I cannot find this for spiders in WhQ.
Am I reading too fast and missing the movement exception in WhQ for spiders?

Since WhQ is an amalgamation of HQ, AHQ, DQ and WFB with a dash, pinch and just a bit more of originality, I would expect the spiders to have special movement rules.
The group's latest adventure brought spider movement up in the Skaven objective room from WD#195 and I could not find a yay or a nay for special movement for spiders anywhere or anytime.

What say y'all?!?

I miss the text separator button/function from BTGM. Is there any way to get something like that for here?

Anyway, I was reading through the pre-set adventures in LotOL and CoT because of the above conundrum & someone here in ID said they thought there was some spider rules in those; I looked and found some treasures, some very literally treasures.
Yes, in 21 years I had not read these pre-sets; they were for the RPG player, right?
I am not a RPGer so I had not.
At least that is how the pre-set adventure in the RolePlay book seem to read, so yes, for two decades I had neither read nor found reason given by someone here or elsewhere for me to read them.
Wow, did you know there was a spider bigger than the Gigantic?!?
The Enormous!
Plus there was some really cool custom treasures in LotOL; I will have to put those into a greenskin adventure I run my group through in the future.

Anyhow, could someone point me to special movement rules for spiders that I am missing please?
Thank you.

In service of Deity, the Latter-day Prophet, the de la Valette and mankind.
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Officially, I do not recall any special movement for spiders. It is just the webs and the biting! emoticon

Unofficially, however... heehee...

I created a web-spitter rule for my LOTR project, in which I had been making special rules, monsters, and NPCs from LOTR to be played in the WHQ game. Under the web-spitter rule, the spiders with that rule would be treated as ranged monsters first, and then they would move in to bite the webbed Warriors.

I cannot remember whether I made any custom rules for jumping spiders, BUT, I sort of like that idea as well. It could be similar to the flying rule, except maybe the spider would still be subject to pinning when adjacent to a Warrior at the start of its turn.

Just some ideas...

Old Warrior

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WFB spiders fight in swarms that ignore difficult terrain.
gigantic spiders have the same ability, whereas a giant scorpion is the same points and has +1M but is slowed by terrain as usual.

there is no difficult terrain in WHQ so there would not need to be such rules, however it would make sense for such a creature to have this ability.
(also balances spider versus scorpion as the scorpion is much harder to kill due to higher toughness and armour)

most of my posts may run into essay length. I find that for a lot of queries/feedback context is important and that is why this happens more often than not.

have a great day :D
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