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posticon Using an item! And equipment limits

Hey everyone, I was just wondering if there is any hard ruling in the game that covers what "using" an item means. Now, I understand when I am "using" a potion because I drink it, and its gone, and when I use a weapon, I pull it out and bonk a monster on the head etc...

But what about items say "when using" such as the wand of Diabolum, the Tablet of Adain. Mostly Wizard items that make me wonder if there is a hard and fast rule on what is considered use?

Another thing, is a wand considered a weapon or a staff? Or can the wizard technically find 10 "wands of diabolum" and cast all his spells for free just by having them on his person, i.e, technically you could say he is using them to reduce his power, and not say, intending to sell them but is this decided by the players/DM (if you have one) or does it say anything in the official rules on what these things mean?

Thanks for answers folks.
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Re: Using an item! And equipment limits

wand is not a staff or other kind of weapon, there are no combat characteristics for them any where.
plus a staff is normally a quarter staff, which is about 6 foot long, whereas a wand is a stick about a foot long.

if you have the wand of diabolum you can use it (cannot think of any reason not to) but after using it for a whole adventure you can sell it.

I would not allow more than one of the same item in play in the same way.
multiple chalices of sorcery is different however: it's usage is clearly defined and you then stop using it once you are finished.

if you decide to pull out the second one and use that afterwards you can do so, it is not the same as using the same one a second time.

most of these items are the wizard items to be fair, as he typically breaks all the rules this is no surprise!

most of my posts may run into essay length. I find that for a lot of queries/feedback context is important and that is why this happens more often than not.

have a great day :D
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