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New Custom Warrior: Priest of Ulric

I have been working behind the scenes...

The Priest of Ulric

I hope some will like this new Warrior and find a good use for him. I tried to pattern him much after the Warrior Priest, BUT, I also tried to make him peculiarly his own type of Warrior.

I did NOT yet create RolePlay Guidelines/modifiers for this character.

No play-testing has happened yet. I have a slow game in which this Priest of Ulric has started to play (for play-testing purposes).

I have also been working on a huge revision of the Empire Soldier and my own Priest of Ranald.

The priestly characters that I have worked on are greatly influenced by the Warhammer Fantasy RolePlay (2nd Ed.) book, Tome of Salvation.

Comments and play tests welcome!

Priest of Ulric Rules for WHQ

EDIT: Well, it seems I was somewhat lacking in my research. I have looked at model images now and see that some use a long-handled axe and some use a hammer (or two). I think I will change the Heavy Spear to be an axe (of some type) with +1 Strength.

EDIT 2: I changed the Heavy Spear to a Long-handled Axe. It still does normal damage +1 Str and ignores 2 armour on a 5 or 6 to hit, BUT it does NOT have Fight in Ranks.

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It is one of my favorite places on the Internet.
God bless you, everyone!
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Registered: 04-2006
Location: USA, Western hemisphere, earth
Posts: 1273
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Priest of Ulric: Basic Rules for Warhammer Quest

Here are the basic rules. Most of the parts about general Blessings instructions and use of magic items to help with blessings are much the same as the Warrior Priest's rules. Ulric's Smile is an addition in this regard and, of course, Ulric's Retribution.

The Priest of Ulric

Ulric, the God of Winter, War, and Wolves has been worshipped long since Ulric led his folk to a great, flat-topped mountain, hidden deep in the darkest recesses of the frigid north. To light their way, the God struck the mountain with his fist and a roaring, silvery flame sprung forth.

The Teutogens followed this unearthly glow, until, in the heart of winter, they arrived at the base of the holy mountain. Hungry White Wolves hunted there and let loose blood-curdling howls as the Humans invaded their territory. The cold, weary tribesmen hefted their weapons and howled in return, unwilling to back away. Ulric, pleased with this, bathed them all in bright, white light, which panicked the wolves, and caused them to flee.

Tens of centuries later the cold fire on the mountain still blazes with blue-white rage, but it is now hidden from sight by the massive Ulrican temple built so long ago. Called the Eternal Flame, it is of extreme importance to the cult, and pilgrims arrive from far and wide to witness it. Many believe Middenheim, the great capital that surrounds the temple, can never fall while the hoary fire still burns, and the recent failed siege during the Storm of Chaos has only strengthened this belief. After all, where Valten, Sigmar Reborn, disappeared when the war ended, the Eternal Flame burns on, and always will.

Although the Cult of Ulric has lost much of its influence, the Order of the Howling Wolf, the cult's priests, still bellows Ulric's name in every corner of the Empire.

The Ulric Creed teaches that when the Dark Gods grew fat in the north, Ulric pleaded with his brothers and sisters to strike before they grew too powerful. However, no help came. So Ulric marched north by himself, there to survive by his own wits against the might of all the profane Gods of the north. Thus, the Howling Wolves teach that self-reliance is of paramount importance, for their God prefers his followers to fend for themselves, just as he did.

The faithful followers of Ulric are more warlike and aggressive even than the Sigmarites!


"He fought a wolf" -- A common response to "What happened to him?" in reference to a wounded man. It means the injured party beat someone else up, and that someone summoned his friends (his "pack") to return the favour.

This background was mostly taken from the Warhammer Fantasy RolePlay Tome of Salvation, page 66.



These rules are split into three sections: a basic Warhammer quest section, an Advanced Warhammer Quest section, and a Roleplay section... (cut)

Starting as A Priest of Ulric

The profile of a Priest of Ulric is as follows:

Wounds 1D6+7
Move 4
Weapon Skill 2
Ballistic Skill 5+
Strength 2 (3)(5*)
Toughness 3 (4)
Initiative 2
Attacks 1 (2**)
Pinning Roll 4+
* See Ulric's Fury below.
** See Frenzy below.


ThePriest of Ulric starts off with 1D6+7 Wounds. Remember that when rolling Wounds, if you roll a 1, you may re-roll the dice, but if you roll a 1 a second time, you must keep it.


Two-handed Axe - The Priest of Ulric carries a Two-handed Axe which does normal damage (1D6 + Warrior's Strength) +1 Strength starting out. On a successful to hit roll of 5+, the Two-handed Axe ignores up to 2 points of armour.

The Priest of Ulric also starts the game with Furs, which give him +1 Toughness.

White Wolf Medallion - This large medallion hangs from his neck and covers much of his chest.

The Priest of Ulric's White Wolf Medalion has a couple important mystical properties (cannot be hindered by things that affect magical spells and abilities): one affects his blessings and the other often offers healing.

The medallion contains a number of charges (1D3+1 starting out), each which lets him turn a failed blessing attempt into a successful one. It is similar to Luck, but assures success and can only be applied to a failed blessing attempt. At he beginning of each Adventure, the Priest of Ulric may roll for the number of charges the Whete Wolf Medallion contains (the result replaces any current charges). He may decide not to roll and just keep the current number of charges.

Once per turn, just before the end of the turn, it may regenerate some of the Wounds of the Priest and of adjacent Warriors. The Priest rolls 1D6 on the table below. On Results 4-6, roll only once (for all affected Warriors) for the effect. The result is the number of Wounds restored to each Warrior up to their Starting Wounds.

Regeneration Table (Roll 1D6)

Result Regenerates
1 No effect (fail)
2 No effect (fail)
3 1 Wound
4 1D3 Wounds
5 1D6 Wounds
6 2D6 Wounds

Ulric's Fury

Whenever the Priest of Ulric lands a blow in hand-to-hand combat, there is a chance that it will be bolstered by Ulric's Fury. If his successful To Hit roll is a natural 5 or 6, he gets +2 added to his Strength for resolving the damage of that hit.

Frenzy 6+

The Priest of Ulric is much more combative than most priests. In fact, he can sometimes be mistaken for a Barbarian in the midst of his battle frenzy. At the beginning of the Priest's of Ulric's turn during combat, if he is not already frenzied, roll 1D6. On a result of 6, his base Attacks characteristic is doubled (2 Attacks instead of 1 starting out) until the end of the combat.


The Priest of Ulric tends to hold grudges and harbor ill-will towards his enemies. Upon starting his adventuring career, he already has hatred for two races of monsters. Roll twice on the table below, re-rolling any repeats. Whenever attacking a monster of a hated race, the Priest of Ulric has -1 to hit (both hand-to-hand and missile weapons). He also gets +1 hand-to-hand Attack each turn in which he attacks one of the monsters that he hates. No matter how many hated monsters are present, he does NOT get the extra Attack in any turn in which he does not attack them.

Hated Monsters Table (Roll 1D6 two times)

1D6 Result
1 Giant Bats
2 Giant Spiders
3 Goblins & Snotlings
4 Orcs
5 Skaven & Giant Rats
6 Minotaurs


(same as Warrior Priest for casting/blessing attempt method) Roll 1D6 and add the current Power Phase. Score 7+ to succeed (for all starting blessings).

Ulric's Smile -- If the Priest of Ulric managed to kill one or more monsters in the previous turn, then he gets +1 to any blessing attempts in the current turn.

The Priest may choose to cast a blessing on himself, or on any Warrior, or an Attack Blessing (like Frostbite) on a monster, but the target must be on the same board section unless the blessing description states otherwise.

Rolling a 1 -- as with most things in Warhammer Quest, rolling a 1 is bad! Per the Rule of 1 and 6, a blessing will fail whenever the Priest rolls a 1 on the dice regardless of the Power Phase, Ulric's Smile, and magical items used.

Additionally, for each blessing attempted beyond the first in the same turn, IF the priest rolls a 1, then he must roll on the following table to see what, if any, dire consequences may befall him. Ulric is a god that is not too pleased and not very patient with the failures of his priests.

Ulric's Retribution Table (1D6)

Result - - Effect
1 - - Ulric has turned a deaf ear to his priest. No amount of tears or prayers will gain his attention. For 1D6 turns (beginning with next turn), the Priest of Ulric cannot attempt any blessings whatsoever.
2 - - Ulric frowns upon his priest and the priest suffers -1 to hit his enemies for the rest of the current combat or next combat (if currently not in a combat).
3 - - Ulric spitefully grants the intended blessing to the priest's enemies. Any monsters on the board (regardless of the intended target's location) are now randomly given the same blessing effect that the priest intended for one or more Warriors, or an Attack Blessing will instead target a random Warrior (or ally).
4 - - UnFrenzied! -- If the Priest of Ulric is currently in a frenzied state, he loses it and/or, he cannot roll for Frenzy until next combat. If there are no monsters present, the Priest of Ulric will be unable to use Frenzy for the next combat.
5 - - Vengeance! -- The Priest of Ulric suffers 1D3 wounds with no deductions for Toughness or Armour.
6 - - Ouch that hurts! -- The intended target(s) of the blessings loses 1 wound with no modifiers for anything even if the Priest was targeting a monster with an Attack Blessing!

Beginning Blessings

BATTLE FURY - Ulric's spirit fills you and your bloodlust is unleashed.
The target Warrior gains +1 Attack this turn.
Duration: This turn

FROSTBITE - You pray to Ulric to freeze your enemy's body and blood.
One monster on the same board section loses 1D6 Wounds with no modifiers for anything. The target must also pass a Toughness test (roll 1D6 + Toughness and get a result of 7+ to succeed) or be unable to take any actions in the next Monster Phase (though it may still defend itself, dodge and etc.). Frost's Bite can only be attempted during the Priest's turn of the Warrior Phase or during an effect which lets him take another turn.
Duration: immediate

HOWL OF THE WOLF - You growl like one of Ulric's wolves and instill your allies with a lust for battle.
The target Warrior gains +1 to hit and +1 Strength this turn.
Duration: this turn

Treasure and Equipment

The Priest of Ulric is a two-handed weapons specialist. He does NOT suffer any to hit or Initiative penalties that many such weapons incur. However, he also suffers a -1 to hit when wielding any one-handed weapons. He will never use a shield or wear a helm. He cannot wear much in the way of armour. He may wear Leather Armour and Furs. He refrains from crossbows and powder weapons. Otherwise, he can use just about anything a Barbarian can use.

Spellcasting Treasure

(same as Warrior Priest)

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Old Warrior

Check out Bible Notes
It is one of my favorite places on the Internet.
God bless you, everyone!
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