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Freezing Death Spell Jewel

Can the Wizard use the spell when he is pinned?
You can't attack using your Ballistic Skill
if you are pinned but you are using a spell
which can be cast if you are [sign in to see URL]!
My head hurts! Please help me!
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Re: Freezing Death Spell Jewel

This is not the Wizard casting the spell - or at least it isn't the Wizard summoning his power, but more like tapping into the power inside the jewel, as per the fluff text on the card:

"When its power is invoked..."

Apparently you are aiming the jewel (like a ranged weapon), as per the text on the card:

"...must make his normal BS roll to hit as with a normal missile attack. If he hits the Monster..."

Therefore you cannot use it if you are pinned, just like a normal missile attack.


I don't believe this is to be treated as a traditional Wizard spell. If so, it would be the ONLY spell that would require a roll To Hit.

Another fact is that it doesn't use Power to cast. It can be cast automatically each turn, regardless of Power. This seems more like a Magic Object than a Spell.

It seems that because it doesn't depend on Power, any Warrior who can use Wizard items can use the Freezing Death Spell Jewel (Warrior Priest, etc.).

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