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Monster Placement Variant

Has anyone experimented with variants for monster placement? I tried a variant where I would place the monster a minimum of 2d6 spaces away from the warriors, if possible, unless of course it was an Ambush. In my experience this opened the play up for more tactical options and mobility.
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Re: Monster Placement Variant

Yes, I have experimented some. I find it can make things more interesting, and, like you say, it can provide more tactical situations.

I have played some with a sort of Dungeon Bash/Advanced Hero Quest/Diablo type of placement, in which the monsters were placed BEFORE the Warriors entered the room or board section, and/or they were placed down the corridor (sometimes even out of sight of the Warriors).

This is especially the case when playing a more roleplay-heavy game. Some of the more enriching and exciting stories that were developed in some games I have GMed involved the Warriors coming upon the monsters in a stealthy fashion. Also, the Warriors running from hoards of monsters which literally filled the corridors and rooms behind them was fun!

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