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Mummy Gold Value

Hello! Anyone who would like to compare the stats for
a Minotaur, a Mummy, a Mummy Tomb King and
estimate the actual Gold Value of a Mummy, please
don’t hesitate and let me know!
Also, what stats should a Mummy have so that it is
worth 450 Gold? I am working on a project to use
HeroQuest figures in WHQ and want to create an
“Ancient Mummy” Monster worth 450 Gold.
Help me, WHQ community, you’re my only hope! emoticon
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Re: Mummy Gold Value

Sorry, I'm not sure I understand the question. A Mummy is worth 450 gold in WHQ.

Are you asking why is a Mummy so much better than a Minotaur for just 10 gold more?

Gold values in WHQ are not a direct reflection on how powerful a Monster is. Orc Shamans and Savage Orc Shamans have an identical gold value, but are clearly not equal. The WHQ gold value is simply the Warhammer Fantasy Battle time 10 and that's it. Obviously a lot of the other rules and stats (Wounds & Leadership. Movement is less important, etc.) don't convert across to WHQ in the same way.

Does that help? Good luck with your project!

BTW, if you're ever interested in playing online please PM me emoticon
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