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what do you look for in a new warrior?

i'm currently in isolation due to the virus stuff working it's way around.

while doing this i am reviewing the warriors i have written up, as well as the ones i have partially written up to see if i can fix whatever i couldn't work out at the time.

this made me ponder this question.

i like novel and new ways or mechanics to make a new warrior tick.

one of my recent creations the witch doctor (based on the character of the same name from the video game Diablo 3) and one of the abilities i gave it was the ability to use a Chant

this worked by using some mana (it's power equivalent)_to start it but then it keeps going until they use a different Chant or a 1 in the power phase.

there is a chance it attracts magic using enemies though...!

they also got a few spells, skills and other abilities but the Chant was my favourite mechanic added to the game and it got me thinking about what other mechanics do people like that have been added to the game?

conversely what do you dislike?
i dislike blessings and similar that use the power roll but are immune to Magic Dispel as an example: most are too weak to make the Dispel work anyway, but it grates on me.

especially as my group currently have a Runesmith who has abilities like that along with a warrior priest (homebrew based upon the original) of Ulric so two characters giving out quite small bonuses....which add up quite a bit when you look at the fact we are now level 9!

if you mention a warrior please provide a link too so i can peruse emoticon

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most of my posts may run into essay length. I find that for a lot of queries/feedback context is important and that is why this happens more often than not.

have a great day :D
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