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So Many Treasures And I Want Them All

I've seen a lot of custom treasure tables and cards over the years. I could never choose just one to use so naturally I created a table that we use to determine what treasure randomizer we use when getting a treasure. Below is a slightly modified version of the table we use with links to the relevant page when possible. I say this is a modified version because there was one additional result that I had on the list which was a table of about 80 additional treasures that I compiled from various sources and put all of those on their own table. It doesn't look any of those sites are still around so I removed that result from this table. The Treasure Conversation Table was saved from a website called D Page's Quest Website and was apparently created by Peter Haresnape. It could turn a sword into a warhammer or turn a pair of boots into a potion with the same abilities, etc. I can't find that table anywhere but I saved a copy of it to my computer. If anyone knows of a page that has that conversion table, I can add the link. If not, maybe I can post it here.

Dungeon Room Treasure D100
1-10 Gold
11-24 Draw a Card
25-34 Weapons and Armour Table (Roleplay Book)
35-44 Magic Items (Roleplay Book)
45-63 Large Treasure Table;
64-75 Randomized Treasure Table;
76-85 Treasure Conversion Table (Reroll on this table and then conversion table)
86-100 Draw a WQ Chronicles Treasure Card;

Objective Room Treasure D10
1 Draw a Card
2 Weapons and Armour (Large Treasure Table);
3 Magic Items (Large Treasure Table);
4 Objective Table (Roleplay Book)
5 Luminos D66 Table;
6 Randomized Treasure Table;
7 Treasure Conversion Table (Reroll on this table and then conversion table)
8-10 Draw a WQ Chronicles Treasure Card;

Thank you for your time.
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