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The warrior roleplay table

Hi guys

How do you ppl use the table that modifies the warrior actions.

Lets say you play an elf and you get the +1 modifier for dif.shot. But how ??? do you roll a 3+ to get the +1 to the BS roll ??? Do the elf get this automatic?

Do you substract an A if you try to do an "action" as A = an action point ???

We play quest, useing the Ini... rule, and not the warrior/monster phase rule.

This Q also goes for the "find trap" action.
Lets say the dwarf is the guy that sets off the trap. Do he roll forany modidifiers to awoid ?? . Do you roll for every square that he walks to see if he spots any trapp. ???? aso.

We are about to hit lvl 6 with the warrior group, and these Q pupped up last game, as we are trying 2 "smooth" the game play the way we like 2 play.

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Re: The warrior roleplay table

That's why those are part of the Gamemaster rules. It's up to the Gamemaster to decide how difficult a Difficult Shot should be.

And i've always found it very time consuming to combine the Warrior and Monster Phases into an Initiative Phase.

For your group with your own rules, you should just decide ahead of time how you will handle any of the Tests for Warrior Actions.

Or perhaps you can decide based upon the type of test like difficult shot:

-4 = Nearly Impossible To Succeed!
-3 = Very Difficult
-2 = Difficult
-1 = Medium
-0 = Easy
+1 = Very Easy
+2 = Extremely Easy
+3 = Nearly Impossible To Fail!

And then use the modifiers at that point. For example: the Warriors are looking to disarm a Monster who wields a powerful Magic Item.

The Elf tries to shoot it out of his hands with an arrow, but he is so far away and the arrow has to pass through other Monster and Warriors to get there. The Elf (BS 1+) can succeed on a 5+ (nearly impossible), but all the other Warriors need a 6 just to hit. If the Warrior hits, they must roll for Damage. On a 1, the arrow hits the Item but without enough force to knock it from the Monster's grasp. On a 2+ the Monster drops the item and cannot use it in the Monsters' Phase but he does retrieve it at the end of the round if he's not in hand-to-hand combat.

You could also make it even MORE difficult for other Warriors. Warriors who are -4 To Hit (if they are BS 6), it means that they need a 10! So they must roll 1D6 and if is a 6, they must roll again and get a 4+. So they must make 2 tests in a row to succeed!

The same is true with the reverse. A Warrior wants to shoot an arrow at the Idol Statue to see if it is trapped. A Warrior with BS 6 must roll a 3+ to hit (the statue is huge and even the worst Warrior can hit it!), but the Elf only needs 1+ (but a 1 always fails).

And if the Elf is BS 1 and is +3, it means he needs -2 To Hit (he can do it in his sleep). So you could say that if he rolls a 1, he can reroll once (or twice), giving him a better chance of hitting the target. Now he only misses this test if he rolls a 1 twice (or three times) in a row. That makes it "nearly impossible to fail!" but at the same time makes it "easy" for a Warrior with BS 6.

So i recommend to treat each test differently based on the difficultly. I think there are a lot of ways to smooth out the game play using your rules. Let us know what you decide and what works best for you.


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Re: The warrior roleplay table

Ah yes, level 6 and higher is where things really start to get more and more complicated I think. Managing the many Monsters Special Rules can be a nightmare -- at least I found it so in solo play. It might be much easier if you have a number of people to help you all remember everything.

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