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Leveling problem

Hi Everyone,

I am a newb to this forum and to Warhammer Quests (which I'm really enjoying!).

But I am experiencing a problem I hope that you guys can help me with. I can't seem to level my way watcher or my viking warriors up to level 2. They both have an arrow pointing up and the experience points show that they should be ready for level 2. Is there a trick to this that I'm missing? Your advice is appreciated!

Btw, my Dwarf and Wizard are not quite to level 2 exp pts yet. Is that the problem? Does the whole party need to be leveled together?

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Re: Leveling problem

Welcome to Warhammer Quest at Runboard!

I am guessing that you might have missed that your Warriors can only level up while visiting a settlement. Unlike a lot of rpg/adventure games, Warhammer Quest characters do NOT level up during an adventure/dungeon.

It has actually been a good while since I played the iOS version much... So, I started it up and quit a dungeon so that I could send my party to the nearest settlement...

Once your Warriors enter a settlement, you will see a list of "Locations" toward the bottom of the screen (centered). There you will see "Training Grounds". Click on that while you have the Warrior selected above whom you wish to train. I think it will be rather self-explanatory at that point (maybe even earlier), but let us know if you get stuck. emoticon

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