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Registered: 12-2005
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Spell: Carnival of Death

Our Mage recently acquired this spell and used it in an objective room while it was full of monsters (3 spawn groupds, 1 lvl over, 2 same levels).

Following the spell's description, all monsters that didn't roll a 1 attacked its nearest friend (other monsters), almost emptying the room.

One of my friend though this was too powerful. Is it the case, or was the spell used properly?

I had to say that in order for the mage to have been able to cast this spell (lvl3 at the time), the mage used the 'magic item' that allows the mage to have more Mana at each adventures... I don't remember the name... a branch or fork or something like that. I can't fine the necessary info on it on this site.

Anyways, that allows the mage to easily spend 11 mana for the spell.

thx for the clarification.
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Re: Spell: Carnival of Death

Yeah, it does sound a bit powerful on lvl 3. It's supposed to be used the earliest on lvl 5, where most monsters will survive another attack and/or have magic resistance.

But after re-reading the rules for it, I might change the die roll for my gaming group, bringing it to a 3+ instead of a 2+...
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