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posticon Salvaging Thyrael's stats.

Hey guys the title says it all really. I was hoping someone remembered Thyraels stats, I am pretty sure his abilities had remained the same and I can remember two of his skills hopefully someone can remember the 3rd for me. I doubt his items will be remembered or his gold.
Heres his profile as I remember it

Wounds ?
Move 4
WS 2
BS 4+
S 2
T 2
Ini 4
A 1
Luck 1
Skills "Can I borrow that?", Nimble feet, ?
Gold ?
Items Short Bow, short sword, Lifestone, Diamond

If anyone remembers anything great or if anyone else has a character to salvage post it up aswell and I will give it my best go to help you out.

Thyrael, Halfling Thief: Slayer of Beasts, Stealer of Gold, Owner of the largest Lunchbox in all the Moot and Leader of the Toughest group of Adventurers to venture into a Dungeon!
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Re: Salvaging Thyrael's stats.

I'll give you a way to have your stats
Wait a bit

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