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List of Authors/Contributors to Warhammer Quest with Runboard IDs

This list is provided to help identify the members of this board in relation to their contributions to the Warhammer Quest community.

If you wish to suggest the addition to this list of another author/contributor, please visit the following open topic to do so:

Authors and their Contributions

Contributions/Websites - Authors/Contributors
_____________________________________________ and - Cutlass (currently does not have a WHQ site)

Chronicles - The Shockness (previously AndrewB)

The Imperial Vault - QuestingKnight (elsewhere, a.k.a. EldritchGamer)

The Museum - Bruno

The Pit - Spikeinthepit (NOTE: his site is currently offline {2/Jun/2014} -- the link is broken). Hope it comes back soon.)

Warhammer Quest Customized - Littlemonk

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