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Re: Warhammer Quest coming to iPhone and iPad!


OldWarrior wrote:

Because it is such a huge project to try to figure out all the game mechanics and details of the Rodeo Warhammer Quest game, I am seriously considering creating a new message board where I can organize all the aspects as I like and also avoid annoying some good members of this Warhammer Quest message board by all the new posts I would constantly be making.

Someone might ask why try to figure it all out? There are two answers really. One is that I just love to tear things apart and put them back together again. The other is that I am acting as GM of one or more games in which I am using the Rodeo version of the game for rules, mechanics, quests, items and etc...

I still plan to use the wiki that I am constantly adding to, but a message board like this provides a unique way of organizing and also presents the opportunity for others to comment and add to the work.

I will think on this a bit and then make my decision -- likely soon. If I do create a new board, then what to name it? I also might make it a private board -- join by permission only (like LittleMonk's WHQ Customized board).

Okay, I decided to do it -- create a message board for this purpose. I still plan to post a little here from time to time, but most of my experimenting/testing of the game and updates on details will appear in the new, private message board.

Anyone interested in seeing that message board go to Warhammer Quest Rodeo -- enter some text in the text box application (just say something about Warhammer Quest or Rodeo Games or that you want to read or whatever emoticon ) to join, and I will probably give you permission shortly (in a day or two). I have already set up quite a few forums there (some call them sub-forums) to organize my work.

EDIT (August 18, 2015): I have shut down the Rodeo WHQ message board, since my life has taken a dramatically different direction.

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