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The Archmage Warrior Class (expansion character)

The Archmage is one of the first three expansion Warrior classes released at the same time as The Hidden Threat Skaven expansion.

Actually, he is a High Elf Archmage and uses offensive and defensive magic spells — some defensive spells are healing spells. Each turn in the game there seems to be a 50% chance that the Archmage will be able to use one or the other class of spells. The Archmage gets more power each turn, but can only cast either offensive or defensive spells as mentioned above.

The Winds of Magic are handled a little differently than for a human Wizard as well.

The Archmage can use items which are usable only by Elves — like Elven Sword and Elven Boots, but the Archmage cannot use items usable only by the Wood Elf Waywatcher, especially NOT bows.

Beginning Equipment

Elven Sword (C)(2-4 Damage) (Elves), 600g, sell = 150g
Moon Staff (C)(+3 Starting Wounds), 400g, sell = 100g
1 - Small Bandages (C)(Heal 1-3 Wounds), 30g, sell = 7g

Beginning Characteristics


Ward Save — The Archmage is sometimes able to magically deflect incoming damage when struck in combat. Each time the Archmage casts a spell, the chance of deflecting damage during the enemy turn is increased, up to a maximum chance of 50% when three spells have been cast during the turn.
For our purposes (for game based upon iOS game): 0 spells cast = Ward Save 6+, 1 castings = Ward Save 5+, 2 castings or more = Ward Save 4+ (which is a 50% chance). By my observations (so far), Ward Save seems to only work against incoming physical Attacks (melee and ranged physical damage). Think of it as similar to the Ignore Blow skill, but it is improved by the casting of spells during the same turn.

Power Phase
The Archmage gets ({result of the 1D6} X 2) + (his Battle-level +1) Current Power each turn. Whenever the dice roll is a natural 1, he has 0 Current Power for the turn.

Power Store
The Archmage begins with 0 Power Store starting out, and gains +2D6 at level 2, and then gains +1D6 at each new level. (need to verify this with a little more testing)


Defensive Spell: Phoenix King's Protection — Grants protection to all Warriors in the group, giving them a chance to avoid damage whenever they are attacked until your next turn. This works much like the Archmage's own Ward Save ability, except that it is the result of this spell's casting and it protects ALL Warriors on the board. Treat it like Dodge 6+ — works against both melee and ranged Attacks.
Casting Cost: 10
Duration: This turn
Target: All Warriors

Offensive Spell: Star Lance — Attack the targeted enemy causing substantial damage, proportional to the Archmage's battle level. The Archmage must be able to see the target.
Casting Cost: 7
Duration: Immediate
Target: one enemy in the Archmage's line of sight

NOTE: Still need to determine actual amount of damage — something like 1D6 +3 + BL, but dont' really know yet.


Battle-level Table
(Battle-Levels 7 & 8 data yet to come...)


* MA = Melee Attacks; RA = Ranged Attacks
** Note that bold text is used to show improvements at each level.
*** The gold and/or experience might not be accurate with the most recent update(s) to the game. For instance, formerly only 400 gold was needed to gain BL 3 and only 600 gold to gain BL 4, but now 500 gold and 1000 gold are required respectively (which changes I included here). As with many video type games, updates can change many details. I plan to make corrections as I come across the new information.
**** Escape Pinning and Ballistic Skill are expressed in the iOS game as a normal numerical value, unlike the original board game. It still functions the same though. Take the iOS value and subtract it from 7 to get the n+ value of the original game. So, I translated it to match the beginning Characteristics and Battle-Level Tables of the original.
***** Wounds are sometimes expressed the same as the original game until I discover that they are different in the iOS version.

New Spells

Defensive Spells

Apotheosis — Every Warrior in the Archmage's group is healed for 4-6 Wounds.
Roll 1D3+3 for each Warrior target that needs healing. If they are only missing 4 or less Wounds, then no dice roll is needed — they're fully healed.
Casting Cost: 9
Duration: Immediate
Targets: All Warriors (line of sight not needed)
Investigate: Do we roll for each Warrior separately, or roll once for all of them?

Blinding Light — Attempt to blind the targeted unit and everyone surrounding them. Blinded targets are unable to do anything until the start of your next turn.
Figure out the chance to succeed...
Casting Cost: 10
Duration: until the Archmage's next turn
Targets: all monsters adjacent to the Archmage at the time of casting

Drain Magic — Drain the magic from the air surrounding the targeted magic-using enemy. The target will be unable to use any spells for their next turn. (line of sight?)
Casting Cost: 8
Duration: to the end of the next Monster Phase
Target: a single magic-using monster within the Archmage's line of sight.

Ward of the World Dragon — Attempt to shield the Warrior's group. If successful, the Warriors each gain +12 Toughness and their enemies are all slightly less likely to hit.
Figure out the chance to succeed...
Casting Cost: 15
Duration: this turn
Targets: all Warriors on the board

Offensive Spells

Arcane Unforgiving — Attempt to fire bolts of arcane magic at every visible enemy. Bolts that strike their targets cause heavy damage, proportional to the Archmage's Battle-level. Need to determine amount of damage and chance to hit enemies. Also, does each target need to be within Archmage's line of sight (will follow that as a rule for now...)
Casting Cost: 15
Duration: immediate
Targets: all monsters in a board section within the Archmage's line of sight (?)

Hand of Glory — Fill the targeted Warrior with glory, awarding them +2 movement, +1 Attack and significantly increasing their chance to hit with all Attacks for the remainder of the turn.
Casting Cost: 8
Duration: until the end of the turn
Target: any one Warrior on the board

Soul Quench — Attack the targeted enemy dealing heavy damage. Everyone adjacent to the target is struck for a small amount, proportional to the Archmage's battle-level. The Archmage must be able to see the target.
Casting Cost: 11
Duration: immediate
Targets: single enemy within line of sight of the Archmage and all enemies adjacent to it

Tempest — Summons a tempest on the target enemy, causing 1-6 wounds and stunning them until your next turn. For anyone adjacent to the target, there is a chance they are also affected by the tempest in the same manner. The Archmage must be able to see the target.
Duration: immediate
Target: on enemy within the Archmage's line of sight

Note that in each of these topics I post in which I give details of the Warrior classes in the game there will be evidence of uncertainty as to exactly how some things function in the game. I am currently gathering the information while playing the game and cannot possibly figure out every hidden detail instantly. emoticon

Also, a few details of how I try to translate the game mechanics into a custom WHQ board game that I GM might also slip through, especially dice expressions and interpretations of how to simulate the effects as seen in the iOS game.

Equipment: C = Common, U = Uncommon, R = Rare
g with a numerical value in front of it stands for gold.
A question mark (?) may appear next to values or statements that I still needed to verify at the time the information was added to the original document.

Damage expressions when describing a weapon are usually a statement of the weapon's damage before adding the Warrior's current Strength.

I will try to give all direct quotes in italics, but I might miss some of these since I am copying and pasting from a document using a different format.

If anyone wishes to see the entire self-contained wiki from which I am copying most of the info contained in these Warrior class topics, here it is: RodeoWHQ-OW-Wiki. It is entirely my own work, but in it I seek to accurately portray (as much as possible) the way the iOS game functions. To be clear, some of the 'info' in the wiki is my educated guess at the hidden game mechanics.

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