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New Private Warhammer Quest Rodeo Message Board

I mentioned this in the general topic about this Rodeo game, but thought it good to post a separate topic to grab the attention of any interested parties.

I have created a new message board where I intend to delve more deeply into the Rodeo game's rules and mechanics. Since I am going to be GM of one or more tabletop/PBEM type games simulating the Rodeo experience -- but obviously for four or more players at a time.

Anyone interested in seeing and/or discussing the finer details of the game, you are welcome to join this new board. However, it is private. So, you need to submit an "application" -- just enter some text in the simple form to say you are interested, and I will likely give you access, usually within a day or two.

Here is the link: Warhammer Quest Rodeo

There are at least three reasons for my creating this separate message board:
1. To allow much more control over organizing the information and etc... (for example, Each Warrior class will have its own forum.);
2. To avoid annoying the members here with too much posting about this new game; and,
3. It will help to prevent filling my Rodeo WHQ wiki with all the uncertain testing data.

The new board will be used in part to pose very specific questions with the intent to discover -- often by trial and error -- the details. I will report there my findings as I test the specifics in the game. Anyone inclined to help, by posting specific questions and/or discoveries, may do so. For my own purposes, for my own games, my Rodeo WHQ wiki will be the authoritative rules document (Rodeo WHQ Wiki).

EDIT: Here is an early screenshot from this new message board:


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