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Another Release of New Stuff!

The latest new stuff for this game -- each of these is purchased separately:

Witch Hunter Character
Necromancers and Skeletons Enemy Pack
Vampires and Zombies Enemy Pack
Vampire Tile Set

I am not sure how these things, other than the Witch Hunter of course, will be used in the actual gameplay, since there is no new region or set of quests with this release.

I tend NOT to be too negative or cynical, but I suspect in this case that they divided things up more to gain more profit by selling the enemies and tile set separately apart from a package deal with an expansion. emoticon I still had to get them all! emoticon

The Witch Hunter begins with a Pistol, Sabre that does extra damage on a critical hit, a wooden spike, which is a consumable item that will do 10-20 extra damage to an undead target, and an Amulet of Healing (heals once per adventure). I just started an adventure where the object is to recover an Amulet of Purity.

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