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Getting ALL the Achievements!?

Well, this is now my current personal quest in Warhammer Quest (the Rodeo version), to acquire the last two achievements that I am lacking so that I can have ALL of them! emoticon

The two I am missing are:

1. Answering all the questions correctly -- in one of the latest region quests.

2. Killing every type of Skaven. I don't know how I have missed that one. So, I went back through the Skaven quests and reset all of them --- to replay them all yet again. I wonder if I CAN achieve this achievement....

I only recently achieved the 7 deathblows one. I had to actually plan that one out to get it.

Another I only recently acquired was the one where a Warrior is saved from death at the last second by the Ring of Jade. I had to let a Marauder die on my first attempt. Then, the next time I tried, the Ring of Jade actually worked! emoticon

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